About CCOTC  

​Most of our clients don't have time, the knowledge or the patience to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin cryptocurrencies themselves. They trust our Bitcoin OTC Desk Traders in London England to buy, sell and trade bitcoin safely and securely.

Institution, broker, or professional trader?

The CCOTC team are experienced traders focusing on institutional clients.

Our service offers:

  • Trading all Major Cryptocurrencies

  • Crypto Paired with GBP, EUR & USD

  • Instant Multi Currency Settlement

  • Personal Account Management

  • Out of Hours Availability

  • Fair Fees & Free Advice

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We lever our knowledge, experience and corporate relationships with bitcoin crypto exchanges, OTC Desks and bitcoin friendly banks to get you what you want, when you want, at the best price.

Whether you are buying, selling, or trading bitcoin or other cryptos as an investment, or as a means to pay or transfer, we get it done.

Our secure processes are accurate, transparent, and carried out to your precise instructions.


Thank you for considering CCOTC for your cryptocurrency OTC Desk trading business,

Any questions, please just get in touch.

Now you know where to get bitcoin in England - CCOTC Buys For You!