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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Buying, Selling & Trading Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrency with CCOTC London, UK: 

CCOTC provides Cryptocurrency services to private clients.


In carrying out this business the company collects data relating to its customers and or potential customers that has been given voluntarily as part of the registering of interest in the services the company provides or in the process of opening a trading account.


This means we are a data controller.


We have documented and regularly audited policies for handling your data in accordance with GDPR regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018


This data is not shared with third parties except where necessary to execute a trade or where required by law.


All data is stored and available for employees of CCOTC to access for day to day use with appropriate security measures in place to mitigate any risk of misuse.


Any information collected may be used in the following ways:


1. To contact you to discuss ongoing trading business.

2. To inform you of any legislative changes, large coin price fluctuations or trading opportunities.

3. To compile financial statements or company accounts.

4. To report to government/governing bodies as required by law.

5. To confirm legitimacy in line with our know your customer and anti-money laundering policies. These are available on request.

6. To send you funds or Cryptocurrency.

7. To forward any sales contract notes through your choice of medium.

This may involve third parties such as banks, building societies, credit reference agencies, government bodies and cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you provide us with any third-party data, you must have permission to do so and we will assume this information is accurate. CCOTC cannot accept any liability whatsoever relating to the provision of inaccurate data or data given to us without the owner’s permission.


Commencing opening an account with CCOTC (even prior to any trade taking place) will indicate your acceptance of both our terms and conditions of business and privacy policy.


If you wish to withdraw your approval of either you must inform us in writing, clearly stating who you are, your reason and your id number in order that we can remove your data from our live database and place it in our archive system.


Your data will no longer be accessed but can be located in any event required by law or as requested by you on our protected storage facility.


If you require further information regarding the above policy please contact us here.

3th April 2020

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