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OTC Desk

OTC Desks - What are they?

An OTC Desk is an "Off the Exchange" way of buying or trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What does that mean? Well, rather than registering to an exchange yourself, an OTC Desk buys the Bitcoin for you.

Where Does an OTC Desk buy Bitcoins from? 

An OTC Desk can source bitcoin from their own supply (liquidity), their clients, exchanges or other OTC desks they work with. The BTC OTC desk community in the UK is still quite small, and the established crypto traders often know one another well and have formed trust by successful cooperation. That being said you should always check the Uk FCA website so that you know they are operating legally here

Where Can i Buy Bitcoin from you?


We do not provide this service and suggest you contact the FCA website here

Can i Trust An OTC Desk?

Even if OTC Desk traders are well known and can provide industry and client references, check the FCA website first to make sure they are registered and licensed to operate legally here

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