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Buy Bitcoin & Other Crypto in The UK

How do i buy Bitcoin in the UK from an OTC Desk?

Are you a new investor? Click Here to read about Buying Bitcoin & Crpyto in England, Scotland or Wales in the UK

Due to ever evolving UK Crypto regulation, the first questions an OTC Desk will ask you is to make sure that you qualify. One of the most important factors is your country of residence and citizenship, or in the case of a B2B trade, where your business entity is registered, together with the nationality of the Director. The next likely relevant question is the name of your bank and in which country is it based. Dependant on your answers, the OTC desk will inform you if they can accept you as a client, or may refer you to another OTC desk that may be more suitable to accept your trade.


To buy Bitcoin in England, Scotland or Wales from a UK OTC Desk, you must first check the the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) webpage to confirm they are approved to operate, and not on their list of unauthorised entities HERE

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